Why You Should Always Hire an Exterminator For Bed Bugs

Are you dealing with out of control bed bugs but are reluctant to call a professional? Although there are some DIY methods that may help you find relief, the issue with bed bugs is that they’re notoriously hard to control. Bed bugs at home can get into hard to reach crevices of your home and furniture, bedding, blankets, and more until the whole home is infested.  

This is why we recommend professional exterminator services. Read on to learn all about hiring an exterminator for bed bugs as well as what you can expect going forward!  

What Are Bed Bugs?  

It first helps to know the foe you’re coming up against. Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown, oval insects that can often be hard to find if you’re not looking out for them. Although they can’t fly, they can crawl quickly and are capable of laying hundreds of eggs at a time. Their ability to blend in with the environment as well as the number of eggs they can produce makes them particularly hard to exterminate.  

Even if you don’t see bed bugs, the first sign of an infestation may be their bites. You may notice small, itchy red spots on your skin that occur during the evening. You could also discover small blood spots on your bedding or their excrement.  

Hiring an Exterminator for Bed Bugs  

We recommend hiring an exterminator, even if you’re not sure whether you’re experiencing an infestation. The reason for this is because professionals know where to look as well as how to identify bed bugs. If there are bed bugs in your home, taking care of them sooner rather than later will save you from future agonies. 

Although a DIY treatment may save you money at first, they are rarely effective. The reason for this is because chemicals or heat treatment needs to be used in order to kill them. Here are a few more reasons why professional pest control is recommended:  

Quick and Efficient 

The top reason why we recommend hiring a professional over DIY methods is that their methods are faster and more efficient. Many people underestimate the effect that a bed bug infestation can have on your daily life. 

An untreated infestation will require you to stay vigilant when it comes to vacuuming and washing curtains and linens. You can also never be confident that the bed bugs are completely gone. Professional exterminators, on the other hand, will have a strategy in place from the beginning on getting the problem resolved as soon as possible. 

Exterminators also use a combination of chemicals and heat treatment in order to kill these resilient bugs in an expedient manner.   

Save Money 

Although the upfront cost of bed bug treatments may seem like a lot, you may be saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run. By taking care of bed bugs fast, you’ll be saving yourself from an infestation that can grow out of control. The more bed bugs in your home, the longer it will take to kill all of them.  

Moreover, repeated DIY treatments over the course of a month or a year will add up. Professionals already have effective equipment and chemicals available.  

Partners in Pest Management 

An aspect that people often forget about hiring pest control professionals is that you’ll also receive the knowledge that they’ve gained over the years. These professionals are trained, certified, and licensed, and they’re well-versed in preventative techniques as well. 

Once the bed bugs are exterminated, they’ll be able to help you learn how you can reduce the chances of bed bug infestation again. For instance, since bed bugs can’t fly, infestations often occur because a bug was hitching a ride on your clothes or luggage. You can eliminate an infestation simply by making sure to vacuum your luggage and throwing away the vacuum bag outside after traveling. 

Minimize Damage 

Last but not least, bed bug infestations left to spiral out of control can cost you the items in your home as well. Bed bugs require you to toss your linens, curtains, blankets, and more in the washer in order to kill them with high heat. However, if you’re dealing with large numbers of pests, you may have to completely throw away these items in order to reduce the risk of introducing them back into your home. 

By hiring a professional and taking care of the bed bugs fast and early, you may not need to throw away any of your bedding, rugs, or curtains. You also don’t have to worry about dealing with any of your items being soaked in chemicals. Professionals will discover the source of infestations as well as the best place to apply pesticides. 

They will work to use as little pesticides as possible, or a combination of chemicals and heat, in order to reduce the chance of your or your family being exposed to toxic chemicals.  

Hiring an Exterminator for Bed Bugs: Gain Back Control  

Exterminating pests is a necessity if you’re beginning to suspect that your home has an infestation problem. Even if you’re not sure if there’s an infestation, it may be worth it to have a professional come to inspect your property. They’ll be able to identify areas where bed bugs hide and reside as well as give you recommendations on the next best steps to take.  

Ready to look for an exterminator for bed bugs in your local area? Contact our bed bug experts today in order to receive a free estimate!  

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