5 Things to Know About Bed Bugs

Have you discovered a bed bug problem in your home? Bed bugs are some of the most unwanted pests in a home, yet they are a fairly common home invader.

There are plenty of DIY pest-removal products and techniques for a variety of creepy-crawlies. When you first notice signs of bed bugs, make sure you call the professionals to handle the problem. These bugs are stubborn and often tough to eliminate with home remedies.

As much as most people hate bed bugs, have you ever wondered more about them? While your team of professional bed bug removers handles the pests, let’s learn a few interesting things to know about bed bugs.

1. You Can Smell Them

When your bed is clean, it should smell like fresh laundry. If you notice other smells, you should investigate.

You don’t have to look for bites or other signs of bed bugs. Sometimes you can smell them before you see them.

Some people report the smell of coriander when bed bugs are near. If you don’t know that smell, people often say it is a somewhat sweet, musty scent. Others say they know they have bed bugs when they smell almonds or spoiled raspberries.

That’s a wide array of possible bed bug aromas. It might be safest to say that if you smell something that doesn’t belong, look for it. You might have bed bugs.

2. You Won’t Feel a Bite (Until Later)

If you’ve ever had bed bug bites, you might wonder why the pain of the bite didn’t wake you up.

You’ll feel bed bug bites after the fact. From pain to itching, you’ll definitely know they are there.

Why don’t you feel them as they happen? You could swat the bug away and save yourself more damage from the bite!

Bed bugs are masters of biting without causing pain while they feed. Their saliva acts as an anesthetic. It also increases blood flow at the site of the bite. This unique bed bug biology helps them feed without you disturbing their mealtime.

When the anesthetic-like quality wears off, you feel the bite, and the bug is long gone.

3. You’ll Find Them in Clean Places

One of the first thoughts, when you hear of a hotel or apartment building with a bed bug infestation, is to question the cleanliness of the establishment.

The place must be filthy to harbor bed bugs!

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Bed bugs, like humans, prefer clean places to live. From bedding to couch creases to luggage, you can provide a perfect place for bed bugs to thrive, even if you are strict about keeping your home clean.

We’re sorry to break the news to you: you’re most likely to experience bed bugs if they were already there (but you never saw them), or if someone brings them in.

4. You’ll Fail to Kill Them All

We mentioned above that bed bugs are stubborn. They’re also equipped to live in harsh environments and extreme situations. Plus, they adapt to different types of pesticides over time.

Many people think cockroaches are the most resilient bug, but the bed bug gives cockroaches a run for that title.

How are they so resilient and tough to kill? They have some remarkable qualities.

  • Bed bugs can live for months without eating. They feed on human blood, but if no humans are nearby, bed bugs are content to wait it out until another human comes along.
  • Bed bugs can withstand extreme temperatures. You can’t freeze them out—they can survive at temperatures below freezing. You also can’t sweat them out—they aren’t moving out of your home even it temperatures climb above 100 degrees.
  • Bed bugs are smarter than (almost) everyone. They know how to hide—you won’t see them in the daylight hiding in your box springs, mattress crevices, behind electrical outlet covers, in picture frames, and behind baseboards. They know how to wait for the protection of night to come out for dinner.
  • Bed bugs don’t have a “home.” One reason it’s difficult to find more than one bed bug at a time is their lack of building a home. They don’t nest. You won’t be able to track one bug back to the “bed bug bungalow” like you can follow ants back to an anthill, then kill the whole family. It’s another reason why bed bugs are so hard to eliminate.

Your best bet to outsmart bed bugs is a pest control expert. They are the one person smarter than a bed bug.

5. You Won’t Catch a Disease

Unless you are allergic to bed bug bites, you’re not at risk from a significant health problem if you have bed bugs. They aren’t known to carry diseases like many other household pests.

Bites can be painful and itchy, but for most people, that’s the worst of what they’ll experience when a bed bug takes a bite.

Don’t Wait to Treat Bed Bugs

Now that you know a little more about bed bugs, don’t feel helpless! There are some things you can do if you find bed bugs in your home.

  • Clean all bedding, clothing, curtains, and towels in hot water.
  • Scrub mattresses with a stiff brush.
  • Vacuum your mattress and floors. Throw out the vacuum cleaner and treat yourself to a new one!
  • Call your local bed bug experts.

Do these things right away for your best chance of removing a bed bug infestation before it gets worse.

Learn From These Things to Know About Bed Bugs

We don’t encourage you to give up your standards of cleanliness, now that you know bed bugs can make themselves at home in your spotless house. You can also relax knowing your housekeeping efforts didn’t attract bed bugs.

Learning things to know about bed bugs can help you respond quickly at the first sign of bed bugs. If you think you have bed bugs, don’t panic. Start a load of laundry and contact us for a free estimate for bed bug treatment.

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