More Than a Nuisance: How a Bed Bug Infestation Affects Your Body and Mind

Bed bugs, for most people, are a nuisance, as they suck the blood of their host for nourishment and leave behind red, itchy bumps. While these insects are harmless for some individuals, other people develop physical and mental health issues. If your home or business establishment has a bed bug infestation, you or the occupants of the property might experience one or more of these health problems:

Respiratory Issues

Bed bugs multiply at a tremendous rate, which means it won’t take them long to establish colonies in a room. With their growth, these insects often shed their skin and leave behind egg particles and other waste, which can mix with the air. When inhaled, they can interfere with the respiratory tract of a person and result in respiratory problems.

Risks of Infection

People living with bed bugs can expect to face constant and numerous bites from these pests. The bed bug bites not only cause discomfort but may also lead to excessive itching. Constantly scratching the area will cause wounds, which may lead to a severe skin infection.

Allergic Reaction

Some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to bed bug bites, similar to a person’s reaction to stings from a hornet or a bee. Hypersensitivity to the bites could lead to anaphylactic shock, which is both dangerous and life-threatening.

Weakened Immune System

Bites from bed bugs are itchy, which can disrupt sleep and cause sleep deprivation. A person who does not get the right amount of sleep may compromise his or her immune system. With a weakened immune system, illnesses in remission, along with other latent illnesses, may manifest during this time.

Phantom Itching and Crawling Skin

Bed bug infestations can also affect a person’s mental health. One of the most common symptoms during and after a bed bug bite is the feeling of something crawling on the skin. These creepy-crawly sensations, which are due to anxiety, may persist for a long time.


People who are residing in an infested property sometimes avoid their family and friends. They do not want to inform other people about their infestation problem out of fear of being a social outcast.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

According to a study conducted by Mississippi State University, a high percentage of individuals exhibit various PTSD symptoms when they live in a place infested with bed bugs. Symptoms include hypervigilance toward perceived threats, depression, obsessive thinking, and paranoia.

It’s important for people to be aware of the various harmful effects caused by these bugs, so they can take the necessary steps to eliminate these critters and protect the property from a future bed bug infestation. If you need a reliable bed bug pest control service provider in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington, don’t hesitate to turn to Custom Bedbug.

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