Bed Bug Extermination Costs: The Full Rundown

Roommates can be nice, but not when they don’t pay any rent.  

Bed bugs are the worst roommates of all time. They crawl into bed with you every night and leave you covered in small, itchy bites the next morning. If you spot any of these pests in your home, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible.  

We’ve put together this guide to help you get familiar with the bed bug extermination cost so you aren’t surprised by any extra fees when you hand over your money.  

So let’s get started!  

How Much Does Bed Bug Extermination Cost?  

It’s difficult to put an exact price tag on this type of pest control extermination. You could end up spending much less than you are thinking (or much, much more) depending on the specifics of your bed bug problem.  

Does that seem like too much money?  

Bed bugs are some of the hardest pests to get rid of, so the exterminator has to spend extra time and care when treating your home.  

But this isn’t the only thing that makes the price go up. There are a number of factors that affect the cost, including the following.  

Severity of the Infestation  

The more bed bugs you have in your home, the harder they are to remove. These pests are small and good at hiding, meaning they can slip into small cracks in the walls or flooring to avoid the chemical sprays. On top of this, they can survive a long time without eating, so even if you stay out of your home for several months, they might still be waiting for you when you return.  

The exterminator will also have to use more product for serious infestations, which will add more to the cost.  

In some cases, your bed bug problem may be limited to one or two rooms (instead of taking over the whole house). The exterminator will inspect your home and figure out where the bed bugs are living. If they’ve taken over the whole house, though, you’ll have to spend more money during the extermination.  

Size of the House  

Large homes require more product, even if the bed bug problem isn’t severe. If you live in a big house with many different rooms, you should expect to pay more for the extermination. If you live in a small home, on the other hand, you may be able to save some money.  

Amount of Furniture  

Bed bugs don’t just live in your bed. They follow the food source. Because of this, if you spend a lot of time sitting on your couch watching TV, these pests can start living under the cushions.  

Any upholstered furniture is at risk of attracting bed bugs. These pests may also hide in the fibers of your carpet, in piles of clothes, behind clutter, or in other tight, dark areas.  

In other words, the exterminator will have to treat the entire room (or home) rather than just your mattress to kill all the bugs. The more furniture you have in a room, the longer the process will take, meaning the final cost will be higher than average.  

General Cleanliness  

Clutter will affect the price of extermination in a few ways.  

First of all, more clutter means more bed bugs. Remember, bed bugs love hiding in tight, dark areas, and stacks of items give them the perfect place to build their home and lay their eggs.  

Second, it’s harder to treat a room that’s full of stuff. The exterminator will have to work around all these items, which will slow down the process. They’ll also have to spray these objects (as well as the furniture and mattress), so it will make the job more expensive.  

Type of Treatment  

Most of the time, an exterminator can get rid of your bed bugs by spraying chemicals or pesticides throughout your house. They may also use a type of heat treatment (since bed bugs don’t have a good tolerance to high temperatures).  

In serious cases, though, you may need to fumigate your home to ensure you don’t leave any bed bugs behind after the treatment. This method is effective, but it can get expensive. You may have to spend up to $8 per square foot of your home, and if you have a big house, that small number will add up fast.  

Construction of the Home  

If your bed bug infestation is bad enough, the pests can find their way under your home. This makes them even harder to get rid of, especially depending on the construction of your house. The exterminator will have to access the space under your home, but if it’s difficult for them to do so, they will need to charge more for the job.  

However, if your home isn’t built this way, you might not have to worry about this problem.  

Where You Live  

Prices change based on location. Some states and cities charge more for the same services than others, and this is normal. So depending on where you live, you may have to deal with a higher cost just for being in the area.  

Kicking All the Bed Bugs out of Your House Today  

So how much does bed bug extermination cost? 

Because there are so many factors that play into the price, it’s hard to come up with an exact number for the job. If you want a more accurate estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free quote today.  

Our team will assess your needs and give you an affordable and effective plan of attack right away!  

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