Are Bed Bugs Lurking in Your Hotel Room?

Close up of a bed bug

Imagine checking into a hotel room on your vacation. You take in the view and feel peaceful because your worries seem far away. It’s a temporary feeling, though — soon, you start to spot mysterious bites on your skin. They’re red, itchy, and give you a burning sensation.

Bed bugs are every traveler’s nightmare. They’re surprisingly common, too: sometimes, people can pick them up in hotel rooms. Bed bug bites leave itchy, red bumps and rashes on a person’s skin.

Custom Bedbug frequently reminds homeowners of the importance of professional bed bug control services. When it comes to hotels, however, the issue of bed bugs is out of your control. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

Bed Bugs: More Common in Hotels than You Think

There has been an increase in bed bugs in the past two decades. In the Bugs Without Borders survey of 2015, 99.6 percent of pest management professionals reported treating homes and businesses for bed bugs and 75 percent of exterminators have treated the pests in hotels and motels. The results show that hotels were the third most common place for bed bug presence.

The survey also reveals a shocking finding: the presence of bed bugs are seldom determined by the cleanliness of a room. In fact, even the cleanest, five-star luxury hotel could be home to the pesky critters. Experts share that bed bugs hole up in small spaces, like mattresses and crevices.

Hotel Guests Do Not Recognize Bed Bugs

Researchers from the University of Kentucky surveyed business owners and leisure travelers on their knowledge and experience with bed bugs in hotels. Of the respondents, only 30 percent identified a beg bug correctly. The statistics reveal that the remaining 70 percent could complain about bed bugs, even when they had seen a different insect.

The study also sheds light on how online reviews factor into a traveler’s decision when choosing a hotel. The mention of a bed bug in an online post about a hotel was enough to discourage 56 percent of respondents from checking in.

Steps to Take Before and After you Enter the Hotel

If your vacation rental has bed bugs, here are some steps you can take:

  • Survey the area – Keep your eyes peeled for signs of an infestation. Telltale signs include small red or brown spots on bed sheets as a result of blood. You may also want to look for black spots, which could be a sign of feces.
  • Elevate your belongings – Store your luggage away from the bed and the walls. You may opt to put them on the luggage rack, counter, bathroom, or car to prevent bugs from crawling into your suitcase.
  • Examine your luggage – Conduct a thorough inspection of your belongings before and after you leave to make sure you aren’t taking home any creepy crawlies.
  • Wash and dry clothes – After you get home, unpack all your clothes and toss them into the washing machine. Wash and dry everything on high heat to kill stowaway bugs.

Custom Bedbug is a bug removal company with over two decades of experience in the industry. We customize our treatment to eliminate bed bugs from your infested area. Contact us today.

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