Why You Should Hire a Professional for Bed Bug Removal in Seattle

A 2018 survey by the National Pest Management Association revealed some scary statistics about bed bugs. 97 percent of pest control professionals have performed a bed bug removal in the last year. Not only that, but they’ve seen a rise in infestations nationwide.

What does this mean for you as a homeowner? If you haven’t spotted the signs yet, they’re sure to come eventually.

Let’s assume that you’ve arrived at this post because you’ve got a pest problem on your hands. What now? Should you tackle the problem your own or hire the professionals?

We’ve got sound evidence as to why you should consult an expert for your bed bug removal. Keep reading to see why these blood-sucking pests should get eradicated by the pros.

1. Bed Bugs Are Resilient

If you attempt to remove the bed bugs yourself — cleaning your home, using chemical sprays — you’ll find your efforts to be fruitless. Bed bugs are an incredibly resilient bunch, known for multiplying quickly and relentlessly.

These bugs inbreed.

You may start with a small infestation in one room. But through continued inbreeding, your whole house may soon get infected. Because of no lack of partners, these bugs keep going and going.

Of 21 infestations along the east coast, every one traced back to a single room in an individual dwelling. Genetic tests proved that, from one building to the next, these bugs are all closely related.

2. Bed Bugs Are Detrimental to Your Physical and Mental Health

One common myth about bed bugs is that they carry diseases.

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans. However, that doesn’t mean that your health isn’t in jeopardy. Many people are allergic to bed bugs and experience symptoms such as asthma attacks, anaphylaxis, and other allergic reactions.

And even if you’re not allergic, that’s not to say you won’t feel the effects of a bite.

Bed bugs feast off of blood — a gross but true fact. So whether you’re allergic doesn’t matter. They’ll feast off of you, causing itchy, red bumps to appear where the bites are.

This is all excluding the mental distress that accompanies a bed bug infestation. Common emotions experienced are anything from anxiety and paranoia to stress and even insomnia.

Bed bugs may keep you up at night, whether from their annoying bites or their disturbing presence.

Putting you and your family’s mental and physical health in jeopardy is only one of many reasons to call a professional. And not just any professional, either.

Let’s see what could happen if you hire an amateur.

3. Amateur “Pros” Could Ruin Your Belongings or Not Solve the Problem

Many pest control agencies are still using propane heaters for bed bug removal. These can produce heat up to a whopping 250 degrees. This puts your valuables in harm’s way — from your books and artwork to your electronics and more.

Some don’t even go so far as to use heaters. Others tackle the problem with simple spraying tactics.

While this may be effective in some cases, it’s unlikely. Knowing what you know now about an infestation, you’re not likely to handle the entire infestation with a spray treatment.

4. Professionals Use Thermal Remediation for Bed Bug Removal

Now, heat treatment is a great way to control an outbreak. But new technology has provided us with a way to do so without damages your belongings.

Introducing thermal remediation, a service provided only by companies using Temp-Air heaters. This service differs from regular heat treatment in that it regulates its temperature throughout the process.

The heaters cycle on and off throughout the service, keeping rooms at a constant temperature of 135 degrees. This is enough to attract and kill bed bugs, yet not enough to cause damage to your items.

To put it simply, bed bugs like warmth. That’s one reason why they like to hang out where we are — because we’re warm.

Also, studies prove that all stages of bed bugs die when subjected to temperatures of 120-122 degrees Fahrenheit. This is further proof that 250-degree propane heaters are overkill.

During thermal remediation, bed bugs get attracted to the heater. This kills them off one by one. This heater specifically eradicates bed bugs, making it an astonishing advancement in bed bug removal.

How to Prepare for Your Heat Treatment

Have we convinced you that bed bug extraction shouldn’t get taken lightly? If so, let’s understand how you can prepare for this treatment.

For the protection of your belongings, it’s best to remove the following items from your home:

  • All pets, including fish
  • Any wax products, such as candles or makeup
  • Indoor house plants
  • Anything pressurized — such as hairspray cans, cleaners, soda cans, etc.
  • Any guns or ammunition

Additionally, you can take some other measures to prepare.

Take paintings and photos off the wall and allow them to sit on the floor. Place vitamins or supplements in the fridge (while removing perishables). Unplug all your electronics, excluding appliances.

If you have any musical instruments in your home, be sure to tell your bed bug remover. Also, inform them of any heat sensors or fire sprinklers.

Continue consulting our checklist to see what other steps you can take before the provider’s arrival and upon your return home.

Bed Bugs Be Gone!

If you’ve got a bed bug problem on your hands, you need to solve it sooner than later. Allowing the problem to fester will make extraction more challenging. The quicker you call a professional for bed bug removal, the quicker you can return to your quotidian life.

Having bed bugs is stressful. That’s what we’re here for.

If you’d like someone to answer your questions, soothe your concerns, or even offer a free service estimate, contact us today!

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