Who You Gonna Call? How To Effectively Seek Out Bed Bug Control In Oregon

Did you know that one in five Americans had to deal with a bed bug infestation in 2011?

Specialists mention that these pests can be found almost everywhere including furniture items, stuffed animals, bedside lamps, purses, even school buses.

A bed bug infestation is not something you can ignore and this would be a good case when you need bed bug control in Oregon.

That’s because these nasty insects don’t only spread disease and disturb your sleep, they also bite and leave unpleasant marks all over your skin.

Luckily, there are numerous ways you can get rid of bed bugs for good. Keep reading this article to find out how to eliminate bed bugs.

1. Wash Clothes With Hot Water

Some homeowners decide to use different types of chemical sprays and pesticides on infested clothes and garments, but this doesn’t really work.

Bed bugs have evolved over the years and nowadays they are immune to most pesticides available on the market. In addition, you don’t want toxic chemicals on clothes you plan to wear later on, right?

One of the best ways to eliminate bed bugs would be to simply wash the infested clothes with hot water, preferably over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from your garments.

If washing your clothes is not an option, you can also heat up your garments in a dryer for a couple of minutes.

2. Clean The Room Thoroughly

If a room has been infested with bed bugs, you need to do a serious cleaning job in this area.

Make sure that you dismantle the bed frame and look for cracks and crevices where bed bugs might hide. You should also pull out drawers from desks and inspect those too. Bed bugs usually hide in furniture items and you need to check closets, wardrobes and other items made from wood to see if there are any colonies hiding there.

Once you have inspected the area, use a powerful vacuum cleaner to eliminate the bed bugs. Most homeowners use a hose attachment to get into hardly accessible places and exterminate bed bug colonies. Once you have vacuumed that room completely, wash the hose attachment to prevent bed bugs from clinging to it and throw the vacuum bag away.

3. Seal Cracks and Holes

Bed bugs are tiny insects which can quickly get into tight spaces. As a rule of thumb, if you can insert a credit card into a hole, crack or crevice, a bed bug will fit in there.

To reduce the number of bedbugs harboring areas in your house, make sure that you seal any hole or exposed point of entry, especially around pipes and electric cables. This prevents infestations from spreading to other rooms in your house and makes your property a less inviting place for bed bugs or similar pests.

4. Clean Your Carpets

Bed bugs can sometimes hide in rugs in carpets too, especially if these are very thick.

Make sure that you vacuum your carpets thoroughly or you can get them to a place to be professionally cleaned by experts. This can eliminate all bed bugs as well as their eggs and potential colonies established there.

5. Inspect Your Electronics

Unfortunately, bed bugs can also hide in household electronics if they have a chance because these provide one of the best places for establishing a colony.

Get a flashlight and look at all the electronic items in your house, including kitchen appliances. For example, the microwave oven and/or toaster are particularly attractive to bed bugs.

In a similar fashion, check your gaming console and other electronics in the room such as heating device, fan, TV set, electric toys and more. If you see signs of a pest infestation, it’s imperative that you clean and disinfect those electronics before using them again.

6. Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are also known as sticky pads and they can work wonders when it comes to intercepting bed bugs.

These consist of small pads which are coated with powerful glue. The pads can be positioned near the bed and they might trap any adventurous bed bugs which are traveling the area at nighttime.

When you wake up, you might discover bed bugs trapped in those sticky pads which you can throw directly into the garbage bin. Unfortunately, sticky pads are a good temporary solution if your pest problem is minor.

If you’re facing a major infestation, it’s almost impossible to get rid of bed bugs this way simply because there are too many.

7. Use Professional Pest Control Services

In those cases when your bed bug problem is serious, it’s important to call the experts.

The professionals know where to look for bed bugs and they have the appropriate tools and methods to eliminate bed bugs and other pests from the entire house! It’s true that you need to pay money for these services, but you’ll get rid of your pest problem for years.

Signs Of a Bed Bug Infestation

You know it’s time to call the experts when you discover some of the following signs of pest infestation:

  • You wake up in the morning with numerous bites on your arms, legs and/or back
  • Your bed bug bites are itching constantly and you find yourself scratching your skin most of the times
  • You see brown/dark red spots on the pillow and bed sheets in the morning when you wake up
  • You smell a musty odor in the room and you don’t know what might have caused it

These are just a few signs of a pest infestation with bed bugs. It’s important to take action quickly to prevent them from spreading in the other rooms of your house.

Request Bed Bug Control in Oregon Today To Eliminate All Bed Bugs!

To make sure you eliminate bed bugs for good and have more peace of mind when sleeping at night, take advantage of bed bug control services in Oregon. The experts can eliminate bedbugs and other insects in a matter of hours, leaving you with a pest-free and disinfected house!

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