Say Goodbye to Pests for Good: The Best Home Pest Defense Tips

Did you know that close to 4,000 types of cockroaches exist in the world today? These roaches are known to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria. Cockroaches are just one in a broad list of pests and rodents that often infest American homes.

As winter draws ever closer, these pests will soon converge inside your home to seek warmth and food. Pests and rodents are a common nuisance in any home. Apart from spreading bacteria and contaminating surfaces, these pesky creatures also destroy the building and cause structural havoc.

The good news is that you can consider home pest defense options to help you deal with the pests crisis. No one wants to come home to a yard or basement that’s invaded by pests. In this article, you’ll learn about pest control tips to help you deal with these unwanted guests.

Learn more about how to pest-proof a house.

Keep the Kitchen Sparkly

Pests thrive in dirt and grit. Every unwanted pest has a natural attraction to leftovers of foods. Part of the reason they camp inside the home is to get food and warmth. Your most effortless defense mechanism should be to starve these pests.

It would help to store all leftovers in lidded containers. Further, wipe surfaces around the kitchen to clear any sugar spills that can attract these pests. It would also help check for spoiled fruits and veggies and dispose of such foods as soon as you can.

If possible, vacuum the areas around the kitchen as soon as you’re done with meals. Your dining area should also be grit-free as often as possible. These measures go a long way towards controlling the chances of pests infestation.

Clear the Yard

Your yard is the other common area where pests and bugs populate. Insects are the most common inhabitants on the lawn. One of the most straightforward pest control mechanisms is to clean up the yard.

You could begin by clearing the bushes within the yard. It would also help to trim the branches touching your home’s pathways. The yard should also have clean trash bins to avoid the habitation of pests close to the trash.

Seal and Repair Openings

Pests love darkness. These creepy creatures often find cracks and gaps to be a convenient habitation, especially during winter. Your best home pest defense mechanism is to seal these openings.

Wall cracks, spaces within the laundry vents and inside utility meters are the most common breeding grounds for pests. This informs the reason pests are often absent during the day, but overly active at night. The cracks provide a safe hiding place during the day.

Are you dealing with a pest infestation in your home? One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to seal and repair all the holes and cracks in your home. It would also help to call in our experienced eliminators in Oregon to treat such openings to avoid any risk of further breeding.

Clean After Your Pets

Your pets’ feeding time could end up being a disaster in the offing. Pets’ dishes can attract ants and other pests if not well-maintained. It would help to have a common dining area for your pet(s). This makes it easy for you to clean up after them and clear any leftovers.

The pet dishes also need adequate clean up to minimize the risk of attracting pests. It would help to have a rubber mat, which you can vacuum after every meal. This way, your pet won’t be the source of an ensuing infestation.

Install Door Sweeps

Most of the American homes don’t have door sweeps or thresholds. These are essential features at the base of all the exterior entries. It would help to ensure that no amount of light can penetrate under the doors.

Once you seal off the doors with sweeps, you are sure of having an edge over any pests moving in from the yard. If your house has sliding glass, form weatherstripping could be a probable solution to the spacing. You could also use rubber to seal other types of doors.

Repair Leaky Pipes

Most pests go where there’s water. The idea is to draw close to life-sustaining amenities, and water is a common solution.

As such, pests will avoid dry places and concentrate in areas with constant moisture. Have you noted a surge in pests around your home’s kitchen sink or under most of the other plumbing fixtures? It’s because pests thrive in such environments.

Your first step would be to call in a plumber. Ensure that all the plumbing fixtures in your house aren’t leaky.

The purpose of keeping all the areas inside your home dry is to minimize the risk of breeding. Pests cause a myriad of public health issues when left to thrive in leaky basements. It would be best to call in experienced eliminators if the problem persists. 

Consider Experienced Eliminators

If none of these strategies work for you, it could be time to call in experienced eliminators. Our team of experienced eliminators uses a wide range of advanced technologies to help you deal with pests for good. If the pest menace in your home has reached catastrophic levels, then it could be time to call us in.

When you call us in, our first focus will be to inspect the pest situation and propose specific treatment options. We shall ensure that our proposed treatment options fit your budget. With our specialists on board, you don’t have to worry about devising a workable home pest defense approach anymore. 

The best thing about calling in professional pest eliminators is that our treatment approach is family and pet friendly.

Looking for the Best Home Pest Defense Options? Your Search Is Over

Nothing can be more irritating than a sudden pest infestation in your home. These pesky parasites not only spread diseases but are also the source of wanton destruction in most homes. The sad news is that pests breed faster than the blink of an eye.

However, the good news is that with the best home pest defense approach, you can now pest-proof your house and avoid the implications of pest infestations. Are you wondering how to pest-proof your home or looking for “pest control services near me?”

Our team of expert eliminators has the perfect solution. Call us today for a timely intervention.

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