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Sleep Peacefully Without Bugs

If you have tried to get rid of bed bugs on your own without success, you’re not alone!  Bed bugs are some of the most resilient pests encountered in pest control. Many bed bug strains have developed immunities to modern pest control products making them virtually impossible to eliminate without professional help.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard To Get Rid Of?

Bed bugs are extremely reclusive.  They prefer to nest in areas where they can remain undisturbed.  They are commonly found nesting behind headboards, underneath the box spring, in between the box spring and the mattress, in the bed frame, or even in the drawers of night stands.  But if you are getting bitten, and you looked in all those places, don’t assume that you covered all the bases.  Custom Bed Bug has found bed bugs nesting in the strangest of places: dresser drawers, book shelves, in picture frames, behind posters, in wheelchairs, in walkers, and many other places you would never think to look, including one case where they were found in a prosthetic leg!

Bed bugs will invade any location where humans frequent.  Although they are most likely to infest homes and apartments, they also commonly show up in hotels, movie theaters, public transportation, office buildings, call centers, and basically any other place where humans sit or lay for extended periods of time. 

Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed bugs are extremely prolific.  Bed bug females lay between 1-5 eggs per day.  Bed bug eggs hatch within 6-10 days.  Bed bugs do not have a larval stage, but instead they progress from eggs through 5 nymphal stages to a fully mature adult.  Once hatched a bed bug nymph immediately looks for a human to feed on. They typically feed every 10 days, but bed bugs can survive many months without blood.  Bed bugs reach adulthood in 3-5 weeks and have an average life span of 6-12 months.  A single female can lay 200 to 300 eggs throughout her life. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Researchers have determined that heat treatments are by far the most efficient and quickest method of killing bed bugs.  This is because heat penetrates all areas where bed bugs nest.  Our heat treatments will eliminate bed bugs in one treatment – meaning your home will be bug-free by the end of our service.

By contrast, attacking bed bugs with only spray applications typically requires 3-4 treatments over the course of several months to get rid of bed bugs completely. This is because there are no pesticides that are effective on bed bug eggs.  Therefore, pest control companies are relegated to an extended service regimen over several months to break the bed bugs egg cycle.

Using heat to kill bed bugs requires extensive training, and highly specialized equipment, which is why it is necessary to call Custom Bed Bug for help defeating bed bugs. Our technicians go through at least 2 months of training to ensure they are qualified with heating protocols that will kill bed bugs without damaging your property. In addition our industry-specific heaters are strategically placed throughout the infested location.  The heaters raise the ambient air to a temperature that kills all stages of bed bugs. To ensure mortality, this temperature must be maintained long enough to ensure the critical temperature penetrates all areas where bed bugs could be hiding. Our heat treatments permeate into all corners, cracks, and crevices.

Ready To Get A Good Night’s Rest?

If you’re tired of bed bugs keeping you up at night, give us a call.  As bed bug specialists we know both the frustration of an infestation and the relief of proper elimination.  Our technicians are highly-trained, professional individuals who won’t rush your service.  They’ll take the time to answer all your questions and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of your service. 

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