Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Spray


Sleep Tight Without Worrying About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are silent invaders, and infestations can cause physical and emotional distress.  You deserve to feel safe and protected in your home.  While most exterminators treat bed bugs as a secondary service, we have made bed bugs our speciality.  We know that each case is different, but the desired outcome is always the same.  You want your bed bugs gone!  We use the most innovative, environmentally-friendly treatment methods for 100% satisfaction!

Our team of bed bug technicians are specially trained and certified to evaluate individual bed bug cases and then decide on the best product to use in conjunction with heat treatment depending on the extent of the infestation and household conditions. Custom Bed Bug uses four main products for bed bug treatments, including: 

  • Temprid 
  • Cimexa 
  • Zenprox
  • Phantom 

As part of our service, we also offer ActiveGuard mattress liners for added protection against future infestations.  All of our products have been approved by the EPA and are family-friendly, highly-effective products available exclusively to trained professionals.  Although several do-it-yourself bed bug products are on the market eradicating an infestation requires the attentive eye of a specialist.  Many products available for consumer use, merely scatter bed bugs throughout a room instead of killing them, or last only a few hours, and most importantly, they don’t kill bed bug eggs.  Some of our bed bug elimination products remain effective for up to ten years and decrease the chance of a widespread infestation by targeting bed bugs and killing bed bug eggs.  Our technicians also have special expertise to find and treat bed bugs hiding in cracks and crevices.

Different variations of bed bugs will also require different types and combinations of products to completely eliminate infestations.  Some of our treatment products work to effectively stun the growth of bed bugs making it virtually impossible for them to mature and lay eggs.  Other products work to quickly break down the waxy, outer coat of a bed bug effectively dehydrating and killing the bugs. 

Technicians You Can Trust

At Custom Bed Bug, we know what a headache bed bugs can be, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.  Our technicians understand the sensitivity and importance of eliminating a bed bug infestation quickly. 

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