Our Professional Bed Bug Solutions

Bed bugs are an extremely vexing pest. From being skilled hitchhikers to feeding on an unsuspecting, snoozing host, they can be virtually impossible to get rid of without professional assistance. Most companies who offer bed bug services do so as an auxiliary program, where they spend the majority of their time, money, and training on general pest elimination techniques. As a result, many pest control companies have little experience dealing specifically with bed bugs.

Custom Bedbug is different. We take your bed bug problem seriously and utilize comprehensive treatment solutions to get the job done right. Bed bug extermination is our specialty, and over the years we have seen it all.  We are so confident in our bed bug extermination methods that we offer up to a 6-month guarantee!*

*additional pricing for extended guarantees

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Heat Treatment

Want to get rid of bed bugs today? Our highly trained technicians use high specialized equipment to kill bed bugs in one treatment without damaging your property.

Canine Inspections

It can be difficult to detect a bed bug problem. Our contracted bed bug canines and handlers identify the extent and exact locations of an infestation saving you valuable time and money.

Spray Treatment

If you feel your bed bug problem is out of control, we offer spray treatments in conjunction with heat for long-term protection. We use the highest quality products to protect your family and get rid of bed bugs for good.

Commercial Services

Bed bugs can be detrimental to a business. We work quickly and discreetly to eliminate bed bugs as soon as possible. We also work to train your team to spot bed bug infestations to prevent future problems.

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