Commercial Bed Bug Removal Services


Don’t Let Bed Bugs Take Over

Bed bugs are resilient, reclusive pests than can live up to a year without feeding.  As they continue to rise in population they are being found on airplanes, movie theaters, waiting rooms, hotels, call centers, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and even in day care facilities.  Unfortunately, no matter how vigilant you may be at cleaning and taking proactive measures for bed bugs, they still seem to find ways to get in.  Bed bugs can be detrimental  to businesses.  Custom Bed Bug’s extensive commercial experience can help you quickly eradicate a bed bug infestation.  We offer a full suite of services including canine inspections, heat treatments, traditional spray methods, follow-up appointments, and staff training. We also make every effort to work with and around your business hours.  All of our vehicles are unmarked to provide you with discreet services.

We know that commercial bed bug infestations can potentially tarnish a business reputation, which is why we make every effort to be discreet, quick, and complete in our service. We work with you to provide suggestions about the best treatment option to completely eradicate your bed bug problem the first time.  We will also help to give you long-term solutions such as applying products with long-term residual.  We also offer training for your staff members to spot early signs of bed bugs.  If someone does bring bed bugs into your business again, the combination of our preventative product application and staff training will ensure potential infestations are caught early.

Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs

If you want a bed bug elimination company you can trust, you’ve come to the right place!  Custom Bed Bug will help you through every step of the bed bug treatment process getting customers back at your door as quickly as possible

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