Doing Your Own Pest Control: Is It Worth the Risk?

Don’t let the bed bugs bite? The thought of sharing your bed with bloodthirsty insects is enough to keep anyone up at night. 

Luckily, bed bugs cannot transmit disease, but that doesn’t make the thought of an infestation any less horrifying. These insects attack us when we are at our most vulnerable, leaving behind itchy bite marks and a sense of dread, disgust, and violation wherever they inhabit. 

To top it off, bed bugs are incredibly invasive and difficult to get rid of. The cost of hiring an exterminator might make it tempting to do your own pest control, but there are risks that you might not be aware of. In the end, you might end up worse off than when you started. 

If you’re dealing with bed bugs at home, you may want to think twice about doing everything yourself. Keep reading to learn about the risks of DIY pest control. 

The Household Hazard of DIY Pest Control 

The problem with exterminating pests on your own is this: those poisonous chemicals are harmful to humans and animals, too. Applying pesticides yourself means you could be endangering your loved ones and your pets, as well as yourself. While it might cost less initially to do your own pest control, is it really worth the risk? 

Professional exterminator services are highly trained in dealing with the chemicals necessary to eradicate bed bugs. They know how to use them in a way that’s safe for your family and pets, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any collateral damage from the infestation.  

Pesticide-Resistant Bed Bug Colonies 

Depending on the area you live in, certain bed bug colonies may have developed a resistance to common store-bought pesticides. This means that, no matter how many applications you put down, you won’t be successful at destroying the colony for good. What’s more, you could even end up with a more serious infestation than before. 

Hiring an exterminator means that you’ll be working with a licensed expert that is well-versed in effective treatments for your area. They’ve seen what works best for hundreds of other homes, so they’ll know what to do for yours. 

Thoroughly Exterminating Pests 

Bed bugs love to hide, making it extremely difficult to kill every insect in a colony. While they’re most often found inhabiting mattresses and box springs, these aren’t their only hiding spots. 

Bed bugs can hide in less conspicuous spots, such as hidden crevices, upholstery, wall art, and even electrical switch plates. Attempting to do your own pest control means you’ll need to check every possible place. It’s a very difficult and meticulous process, especially if you haven’t had any formal training. 

Hiring an exterminator is the only way to ensure that every insect in the colony is destroyed. As an added bonus, it’s a lot less stress, worry, and frustration for you to deal with. With everything considered, it’s absolutely worth the extra investment. 

Risks to Your Property 

When you do your own pest control, you’re risking serious property damage if you aren’t able to completely eliminate the colony. Think of it this way: if you miss just two of the insects, this could be enough to start a new colony over time. 

By the time you start to notice the insects again, it might be too late to save your bed, your furniture, your carpeting, or your other belongings. In extreme cases, you may even end up needing to rebuild part of your home to get rid of the bed bugs completely. 

Hiring an exterminator means having the peace of mind that the bed bug infestation is entirely eradicated. No matter how thorough you think you are on your own, there will always be a chance that you missed some of the insects: don’t take the risk.  

Risks to Your Neighbors 

One of the most well-known characteristics of bed bugs is their uncanny ability to spread quickly and find new homes to invade. If you’re living somewhere in close proximity to your neighbors, you carry a huge risk of allowing the insects to spread into your neighbor’s homes, too. 

Professional exterminator services might cost more than doing it yourself, but one misstep on your own could result in multiple infestations throughout your home, apartment complex, and social circle. Considering what’s at stake, it’s a pretty big risk to take, and not a worthwhile one at that. 

Overall Effectiveness 

When you do your own pest control, one of the main drawbacks is the overall effectiveness of the treatment. As previously mentioned, DIY pesticides might not be an effective way to kill the insects. Plus, you won’t be able to know for sure if you killed them all.  

Bed Bug Exterminator Services: A Long-Term Investment 

The initial cost-savings when you do your own pest control might make it seem like a financially savvy move, but it could end up costing you much more down the road. Wouldn’t it be best to front the initial cost so you can be sure you won’t have to worry about the bed bugs anymore? 

When you hire bed bug exterminator services, you’re making a long-term investment to ensure the problem is taken care of. It’s the only way you can be positive that the entire colony is destroyed. 

Should You Do Your Own Pest Control? 

It might cost less initially, but should you do your own pest control? The answer is no. Given the risks as well as the potential long-term costs from unsuccessful attempts, it’s better to play it safe and hire a licensed pest control professional. 

Hiring a Pest Control Professional 

If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a bed bug invasion, don’t panic, and don’t attempt to do your own pest control. Instead, seek out one of our experts to help you eradicate the problem for good. Now that you know the risks of DIY pest control, your home and family deserve the peace of mind that comes with leaving it to the pros. 

Contact us now for a free quote to help you destroy the bed bugs for good. 

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