7 Qualities To Look For In The Best Bed Bug Removal Service In Portland

68% of pest control workers in the US agree that bed bugs are the most difficult pest to control.

These pests can grow up to a length of 7 millimeters and inflict very itchy bites that can cause allergic reactions. They are most active at night and live in furniture, clothes, carpets and other household belongings.

Bed bugs can lay up to twelve eggs every day. As such, without prompt action, an infestation can grow out of control in a short period of time.

To ensure that your bed bug problem is comprehensively dealt with, it is important that you find a reputable company for bed bug removal in Portland.

In this article, we will discuss all the qualities to look for when hiring a pest control company.


The cost of hiring an insect control service can be substantial. It is therefore important to ensure that you get value for money.

A good pest control company will not only offer a great one-off service but also the reassurance of protecting you against future incidences.

Quality pest control experts will offer quality services that end when your pest problem has been completely dealt with.

When hiring, make sure you find out how long your bed bug control provider will follow-up without charging you. These periods could range from one to two months.

Some companies start the warranty immediately after the initial treatment. Others start the warranty after the point the last bedbug was spotted. Know the guarantee you are being offered before deciding on a service provider.

Methods of Bed Bug Removal in Portland

There are various methods of dealing with bed bugs. Heat treatment and integrated control are the most effective approaches.

However, not all companies can offer these techniques as the equipment required is expensive, and large-scale heat treatment requires specialized training.

It can also be combined with insecticides for maximum effect. This is because some bed bugs may attempt to escape the heated areas.

Integrated bed bug control involves the use of multiple bed bug control methods and is very effective when carried out by professionals.


Before your home or office is treated for bed bugs, it has to be prepared first. There are two ways to do this.

The custom approach will require you to bag all clothing, drapes, books, electronics, and other items before treatment.

You may also have to move furniture away from the walls. For this approach, you will be responsible for treating the aged items.

With the second approach, the pest control company will handle the preparation for treatment. They will bag and treat all the items in the treatment area.

This method is more effective as it reduces the chances of spreading the infestation when you bag and transfer belongings to other rooms. However, it is more expensive.

Find out the preparation method your provider offers. In case you opt for the first method, inquire if they offer any assistance in treating bagged items.


Beyond the cost you will incur for pest control, you may have to move out of your house for a few days in some instances.

This can be costly and inconveniencing. It is therefore important that you select a company that you can depend on for quality and timely services.

A good way to get this information is to check for online reviews. Sentiments from previous clients will give you a clear idea of the type of service you should expect.

Customized Plans

Competent pest control experts should formulate a specific plan your pest infestation after the problem area is identified.

A strategy tailored to your unique situation will ensure all the traces of bed bugs will be completely removed from your property.

Availability and Thorough Reporting

Sometimes the infestation may be extreme and require immediate treatment. In such a situation getting on a waiting list to get specialist services may be dangerous.

Any quality pest control service should have the resources to handle emergency cases immediately.

It is important that you get progress reports as the inspection is ongoing and a full report after it’s done.

Companies offering great services will keep you posted and provide a clear break down of the situation on the ground. Additionally, they will give you guidance on what to expect after the treatment.

Problem Assessment

Though you may be aware of the presence of bed bugs, you may not know their source.

A quality pest control company will conduct a thorough assessment of your premises. In the process, they will identify all the problematic areas. This will ensure that the infestation is completely dealt with.

Signs of Bed Bug Presence

Bedbugs are flat-bodied pests that are visible to the human eye. However, they often hide in crevices and cracks. Adults are oval and have a rusty red color. Their presence can be known through the following signs:

• Presence of feces that are noticeable as small dark spots the size of a dot on sofas, mattresses and box springs

• Rusty or reddish stains on furniture left after a bed bug has been crushed

• Tiny white eggs or eggshells that are about 1mm

• Spotting a live bed bug

How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

The best protection from bed bugs is keeping them away. Here is how you can do it:

• Enclose mattresses in bed bug covers and check for tears and rips periodically

• Inspect all secondhand furniture for bed bug signs prior to bringing them to your house

• Ensure your house is always free of clutter to reduce hiding places

• Have loose wallpaper removed or repaired, use plaster to fix cracks and ensure light switch covers are always tight

• Use caulk to seal gaps on cabinets and shelves as well as crevices and joints in baseboards

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Keep You Awake

The suspicion that you may have a bed bug infestation is enough to keep you up all night. These silent invaders can be a great nuisance and can multiply rapidly.

Custom Bed bug is a company that specializes in bed bug removal in Portland.

We specialize in thermal remediation, a process that involves the use of heat to eradicate bedbugs. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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