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Win the War on Bed Bugs

Tired of the battle against bed bugs? At Custom Bedbug, we're the experts on eradicating bed bugs and their eggs from your West Valley home. It's all we do!

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100% Success Rate

We have the highest success rates in the industry at 100% and offer 1-month, 6-month, and the industries only LIFETIME guarantee*. You won’t find better results anywhere else!

Specialized Equipment and Technicians

We employ the best equipment, products, and training to ensure that you receive a premium service.

Multiple Service Options

We offer multiple treatment options including heat and traditional spray methods to find a solution that works best with your budget. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

When you need some discreet, efficient, compassionate, and 100% effective, call Custom BedBug.


Bed Bug Treatment in West Valley

Did you know that even a few bed bugs can create an infestation? Hard to spot, and easy to carry, you often don’t notice bed bugs until it’s too late! Even just a few small bed bugs brought home from vacation can create a real disaster. Bed bug eggs hatch in as little as 6 days, and can lay anywhere from 200-250 eggs in their lifetime. Common bed bug treatments just win the battle, killing bed bugs but not their eggs. Here at Custom Bedbug, we offer the expertise and advanced treatment options to not only kill adult bed bugs, but completely eradicate even the most severe infestation, eggs included! Contact the West Valley bed bug experts today to get rid of bed bugs and get back your rest! 

Bed Bug Treatment in West Valley

Although bed bugs have to be brought in from another source, you would be surprised just how easy it is for a few to find their way in – and once they’re in, it takes a true expert to stop the infestation. 

As specialized technicians, we’ve seen it all. With years of experience and customized treatment plans, we’re the experts at eliminating bed bugs in the West Valley area. We offer the following treatments: 

  • Heat Treatments: Powerful heat treatments eliminate all current bed bugs and any eggs hidden beneath the surface, while leaving your possessions safely intact. 
  • Canine Inspections: Highly trained canines sniff out even the sneakiest bed bugs to ensure we eliminate each and every last one. 
  • Spray Treatments: Tough on bed bugs and safe for you, our EPA approved treatments offer thorough elimination of all bed bugs and eggs. 
  • Commercial Services: Comprehensive tools and treatments provide bed bug elimination for any current issue and the preventative training to protect your business from future infestations. 

Service You Can Count On

Here at Custom Bedbug, we don’t just claim to be the best, we prove it! As the West Valley bed bug control experts, we are proud to boast a 95% first visit total elimination success rate. That means that when you call Custom Bedbug, you can get rid of bed bugs and get back to sleeping soundly knowing that your bed bug problem has been thoroughly eliminated! And with our up to 6-month warranty*, if the bed bugs come back, so do we!

*additional pricing for extended guarantees