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Are Bed Bugs Ruining Your Peace of Mind?

Have bed bugs invaded your Tacoma home? Can't get rid of them on your own? Our bed bug treatments can provide you with the pest-free home you desperately need, sooner than you ever thought possible.

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100% Success Rate

We have the highest success rates in the industry at 100% and offer 1-month, 6-month, and the industries only LIFETIME guarantee*. You won’t find better results anywhere else!

Specialized Equipment and Technicians

We employ the best equipment, products, and training to ensure that you receive a premium service.

Multiple Service Options

We offer multiple treatment options including heat and traditional spray methods to find a solution that works best with your budget. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

When you need some discreet, efficient, compassionate, and 100% effective, call Custom BedBug.


Tacoma Bed Bugs Treatment

Tacoma Bed Bugs Treatment

While our competitors may offer bed bug treatments as an auxiliary treatment, here at Custom Bed Bug, it is our specialty. Our technicians handle complex bed bug problems on a daily basis, meaning they’re well-versed in treating bed bugs and restoring homes. We offer customized bed bug control services in Tacoma that will give you the bed bug free home you deserve without delay. Our treatments include:

Why Are Bed Bugs so Hard to Eradicate?

The trouble with bed bugs is that they are rarely out in the open – so you may have had them in your home for a very long time and not even noticed them! They like to hide in dark and warm areas like your headboard, in your mattress and box spring, and other areas where they stay safely out of sight. Bed bugs also breed quickly, which means that just a few bed bugs reproduce to create a full-blown infestation. Luckily, our bed bug control services in Tacoma are specially formulated to kill every last bug quickly and efficiently! That’s the kind of assurance you need to sleep in your home again.

Bed Bug Experts Get the Job Done Right

There are many companies out there who claim to give comprehensive bed bug service, but here at Custom Bed Bug, our technicians take care of bed bug infestations like yours every single day. With so much experience, our experts can provide you with exceptional service and advice that you can trust. Bed bug treatments require extensive training to be done correctly, which is why we have made bed bugs our specialty. Our technicians go through months of training, learning technique from some of the top exterminators in the industry, so they can kill the bugs fast while keeping your family and your home safe and sound.

Protect Your Business with Our Commercial Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs often hitch rides on clothing and soft fabric, making their way into businesses and commercial spaces. Don’t let bed bugs scare away your customers! We offer commercial bed bug treatments that can get rid of these insects quickly, so you can worry about the things that matter – running your business!